What is a Software & Database Developer?

Are you looking for a career that will let you pursue your passion for technology, work on interesting and unique projects and has great employment and earning potential?

Consider a career as a Software & Database Developer.  In that role, you will be responsible for working on database technologies and managing a company's IT architecture.  You will get to design, develop, maintain and analyze computer programs and application.  Software & Database Developers have the skills required to craft software solutions to problems involving the handling of data, system flow, work processes and user behaviour.

Besides having a love for technology, why else would you pursue a career in this field?

Employment Potential

As a graduate of the Software & Database Developer program at Robertson, you will have the skills and technical knowledge to qualify for positions such as Application Developer, Database Developer, Software Developer, Software Programmer, and IT Solutions Developer. In today's digital world, the need for trained and skilled developers is growing and expanding at a rapid pace.

Work Variety

Do you want to work in a tech company working on custom projects depending on your clients' needs?  Or would you prefer a Fortune 500 company with its stability and opportunities for upward mobility? How about working for an app or gaming developer start-up?  The possibilities are endless with your skill set because of today's tech requirements.

If you are considering starting a new career in technology, you can find more information about our IT programs in Winnipeg by calling our campus at 204.926.8389.