New at Robertson College - Community Support Worker Program

The new Community Support Worker program offered by Robertson College will fill a growing need in organizations that provide staff for community locations.

"There is a demand and a drive in the industry for professional staff that are able to work independently in community settings," says Kathy Majowski, Program Coordinator / Instructor for Community Support Worker at Robertson College in Winnipeg.

With a background in nursing, Majowski has paid attention to the trends that are shaping the Canadian health care system over the years.  "One of the biggest ones that I see continuing is the movement of care that used to be done in facilities or institutions out into community settings," Majowski says.

This program has been designed for individuals who are passionate about health care and enjoy working independently.

"A compassionate and open-minded attitude will also help, as they will be supporting individuals from many different backgrounds and walks of life," Majowski says.

Graduates of this 11-month program will be able to fill many roles and positions in a variety of organizations and with many different client populations. This includes directly working with people with disabilities (developmental, physical), out-reach programs, additions programs, children in foster care, mental health issues, and palliative care clients being supported at home.

This course will also include a practical component, working with an organization that will provide valuable hands-on training.

To help students once they have completed their program, the career services team will assist with all aspects of a job search.The employment specialist assigned to their program will provide job search coaching, which includes help creating a stand-out resume and cover letter, interview tips (including booking appointments for mock interviews), and direction on how and where to look for job postings.

This program will roll out in Calgary and Edmonton on October 26th and on November 2nd in Winnipeg.  For more information on the program, entrance requirements and enrollment, contact us to get in touch with a Career Counsellor.


Visit the Community Support Worker program page.  Article originally appeared in the Metro as part of the Learning Curve feature on September 15th, 2015.