Guest Post: 5 Paws Up!

The following is a guest post from Mykala Lynn Johnson, a Robertson College student currently enrolled in the Business Administration: Sales & Internet Marketing program in Winnipeg.

As animal lovers, and fur baby (pet) owners our team decided to raise funds for The Winnipeg Humane Society through a bake sale at our college. 

We had a goal of raising $50 for the humane society and planned on selling juice and cookies for the bake sale. We made 2 types of cookies (chocolate chip & oatmeal) which we paired together and offered peach and apple juice as well. We spent 2 hours making cookies on the eve of the bake sale. 58 chocolate chip and 96 oatmeal cookies were the end result.

Initially we had planned on selling “build-your-own sandwiches”, but due to sanitary concerns we changed our plans. We had also planned on doing the sale in the school lobby but were moved to the lunch area due to construction.

The move was (in our opinion) detrimental to our sales. Everyone who was in the student lunch area was there because they didn't want to buy lunch, and the people who did were leaving through the upstairs lobby.

During our 1-hour sale not only did we raise the $50 we hoped for, we exceeded our goal by $38.65, giving us a total of $88.65. After the sale family and friends added their donations boosting us up an extra $20.65 for a grand total of $109.10. We also received a few cat toys as well, which the humane society was happy to take.

With the money we raised we were able to give the animals at the humane society the following options:
  • Neuter or spay
  • Dental work
  • X-rays for 2 animals 
Overall we found that our team worked effectively together with excellent communication and great problem solving skills. The whole project flowed seamlessly from start to finish resulting it great benefits to the animals of the humane society and to the project team who got great learning experience.