Guest Post: Winter Warm Up Project

The following is a guest post from Megan Dupuis, a Robertson College student currently enrolled in the Business Administration: Sales & Internet Marketing program in Winnipeg.

For our project management course, we were assigned a group project to collect donations for a charitable organization of our choice. I was partnered up with my fellow classmate, and project manager, Tamara LaForte. Our fundraiser was in honor of Siloam Mission. Our objective was to collect winter wear to give to the less fortunate this winter. Throughout the week, donations were collected, allowing us to go above and beyond our goal.

Siloam Mission is a charitable organization that provides shelter, clothing, and food for the less fortunate. Siloam Mission is a Christian-driven organization offering a second chance for those in need, in regards to counselling and everyday necessities. As an organization, they believe that everyone deserves to be treated equally, everyone deserves a second chance, a helping hand, listening ears, a compassionate hand, and that we are all children of God. They are a faith dependent and faith operated organization. Siloam Mission is run by its compassionate staff members, and volunteers. The organization has been up and running for more than 25 years, helping generations of people.

Throughout the donation period, we collected many, upon many items. We began accepting donations on December 22, 2015, and the final donation day was on January 11, 2016. Coming to the end of the project, we finished with a total number of 47 donations. All proceeds have been brought to Siloam Mission.

Our total donations.