5 Reasons to Become a Medical Office Assistant

A medical office is not like a regular office - to work in this setting, you must have specialized clinical and administration skills along with compassion, attention to detail and customer service skills.  Here are 5 reasons to become a Medical Office Assistant:
  1. Personal Fulfillment
    As a Medical Office Assistant, you will be able to interact with patients and provide them assistance
  2. Job Opportunities
    With a Medical Office Assistant diploma, you will be able to work as a Medical Receptionist, Clinic Office Assistant, Medical Secretary and more!
  3.  Salary
    Entry-level Medical Office Assistants earn up to $33,280 - $37,770 with less than 1 year of training!
  4. Flexible Schedules
    Many clinics offer flexible work schedules to accommodate the extended operating hours of a clinic
  5. Work in a Variety of Settings
    As a Medical Office Assistant, you will be able to work at clinics, hospitals, doctor and dentist offices, chiropractic practices and more!
 Get ready for an exciting career with great potential!

When you graduate, you will be ready to start your exciting career at any medical office setting as a Medical Office Assistant, Clinic Office Assistant, Medical Office Coordinator, Medical Receptionist, Medical Secretary and more.

The practicum at the end of your program will ensure you have the hands-on experience you need when you start your new career!

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