Working in the Helping Field - Community Support Workers


We recently spoke with Lloyd Richard, Program Coordinator and Instructor for the Community Support Worker program at Robertson College in Winnipeg to talk about the role of a CSW.

What is the Community Support Worker program about?

LR: The Community Support Worker program is designed to fill the increasing demand for trained employees in the social services field.  The program specifically calls for education in addictions, mental health, and physical care of individuals accessing the social services system.  The program also covers the cognitive, social, and emotional development through the lifespan, as well as end of life issues.  The program also includes certification in Emergency First Aid & CPR.

Who should take this program?

LR: The program is designed for students who wish to work in the social services field, assisting people with challenging behaviours and working with youth or adults with mental, physical or even social issues.

What are the career opportunities for people entering this field?

LR: People entering this field may choose to work with youth, or in addictions, mental health or corrections.  As well, this program can assist individuals wishing to work with people with physical / developmental delays or impairment.

Why Robertson College?

LR: The Community Support Worker program at Robertson College is a one year program that includes diverse training for clinical settings, as well as in social work settings.  The program includes 43 weeks (860 hours) of lectures/exercises, in addition there is a 4 week (160 hour) practicum.  As well, the online program starts monthly so you can start whenever you want!


Are you interested in learning more about the Community Support Worker program? The program is currently available at our Winnipeg, Calgary, and Edmonton ground campuses as well as Online.  Contact your campus now to receive more information!