How to be a Great Medical Office Assistant!

As a Medical Office Assistant, you will often be required to wear many hats in order to ensure the business is running smoothly. From making sure all the patients are being properly cared for, to performing medical transcriptions, booking appointments, maintaining health records and more, these are the skills that will be required whether you work in a hospital, medical clinic, dentist office or any other health care office setting.

If you are considering a career as a Medical Office Assistant, here are a few essential skills that you must familiarize yourself with, in order to become a successful Medical Office Assistant:

Have an Understanding of Medical Terminology
Medical Office Assistants must have a foundation in medical terminology, anatomy and physiology in order to be able to assist patients with their inquiries. This is what will set you apart from general office assistants.

Familiarity with Medical Office Procedures
In addition to understanding general office procedures, Medical Office Assistants must also have knowledge of procedures that are specific to a medical office setting such as using medical office software, patient relations and working with clinic & health documents.

Organization Skills and the Ability to Multi-Task
As a Medical Office Assistant, you will be dealing with many patients and patient files at the same time (in person or over the phone). You must be able to remain organized and maintain a strong attention to detail when working with patient files. You don't want to share private information with the wrong patients!

Maintain Confidentiality
Having organization skills will help you maintain confidentiality.  As you can imagine, patient files contain very sensitive information.  In Canada, we have very strict personal health information protection legislation to protect patient confidentiality.  As a Medical Office Assistant, you must show integrity and be able to protect your patients' personal and medical information. 

If you are interested in learning more about what it is like to be a Medical Office Assistant, be sure to contact one of our Career Counsellors!  The Medical Office Assistant diploma program is current available at our ground campuses in Winnipeg, Calgary and Edmonton as well as our Online campus.