Benefits of Working at the Vet Office

A Veterinary Office Assistant is an administrative professional who works at the vet office. They can also work at pet shelters and pet stores.  In many ways, veterinary office assistants are like any other receptionists; they handle administrative duties, answer the phone, schedule appointments and assist clients when they arrive.  Here are a few differences when you are working at a vet office:

  1. Interaction with Animals and People
    In a veterinary office setting, you will get to greet both people and pets all day! Tasks will vary from clinic to clinic, but you could have the opportunity to weigh pets and get them settled in for their appointments.
  2. Be able to Help Animals and their Owners
    On any given day, you can experience a mixture of emotions. Some are happy times, like a new adoption or a new puppy, while others are more difficult.  You will be called upon to provide support during these difficult times.
  3. Opportunity for Advancement
    Starting out as an office assistant will give you the opportunity to understand how a vet clinic operates.  This will give you the knowledge you need to one day become the Office Manager!
  4. Many Learning Opportunities
    The Veterinary Office Assistant program at Robertson College will give you the knowledge you need to be effective at your job, right off the bat!  Instead of having to train you on vet office procedures or teach you about veterinary medical terminology, your employer will know that you will already have that knowledge going in.  However, that doesn't mean the learning stops.  You will have many more opportunities to learn with each new encounter and new situation.

Working in a vet office, pet shelter or pet store can be very rewarding!  You may have to start at the bottom and work your way up, but even the most routine of tasks can teach you a lot about how to run a vet clinic successfully.  When you are starting out, remember to be open to learning and see each assigned task as a learning opportunity!  You will be helping your vet out a great deal!

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