How Being a Mom Can Make You a Better Employee

Being a mom can be overwhelming - as a new mom, you are going through many physical changes, not to mention the exhaustion of having to take care of a new born!  On top of that, many moms also have day jobs and careers to return to.

However, being a mom is also one of the most rewarding and satisfying roles a woman can have. Being a mother can completely change your perspective on life, love and... your career.  If you are a new mom returning to the workforce or if you are considering going back to school so you can provide a better life for your child, rest easy knowing that motherhood actually makes you a better employee!

Here are a few ways being a mom can help you in the workplace:
  1.  Being a mom... makes you more patient
    As a new mom, you are going through many new experiences. Even if you think you are prepared for all the changes, any mom will tell you, a lot of things will take you by surprise. This not only helps you become more resilient, you also become more patient when you have to navigate through a new job or new situation.
  2. Being a mom... helps you gain perspective
    Being a mom helps you discover what is important to you. For many moms, having a child or family to return to at the end of each work shift is a great motivation for them to do their best while at work. Knowing that you are teaching your kids what you can achieve with hard work and perseverance is incredibly rewarding.
  3. Being a mom... helps you be more efficient
    As a mom, you learn very quickly how to multi-task! Between diaper changes, household errands and being there for your kids, you are a champion multi-tasker and this skill will only prove to be useful in a workplace setting!
  4. Being a mom... can help you become a better caregiver
    If you are in the health care field or thinking about entering this field, being a mom will help you understand what it means to care for someone.  Especially in hands-on Health Care Aide, Personal Support Worker or Community Support Worker roles, being a mom will help you become more empathetic.
Here is today's takeaway - being a mom has its benefits, even in the workplace. At Robertson College, many of our students (moms and dad!) are attending school while working and caring for their families which makes us incredibly proud!

If you are considering going back to school, be sure to meet with one of our Career Counsellors to discuss your options for balancing your home life, work life and school life.  We offer many different time options for our classes including morning, afternoon, evening or weekend classes.  You can also choose to complete your diploma online, so you can have more control of how you spend your time while going to school.  [Contact Us]