Do You Have What It Takes To Work In A Pharmacy?

Pharmacy assistants and technicians play an important role - not only do they help the pharmacist in operating the pharmacy, they also help in managing the drug inventory, and help patients and other health care professionals with their inquiries.  Here are a few essential skills to have in order to work in a pharmacy:

Math Skills
Math skills and conversions are used when prescriptions are being filled in the correct dosage amounts.

Memory & Information Retention
Pharmacy Assistants & Technicians must be able to memorize a great deal of information including complicated names to medications and calculations.

The pharmacy setting is generally quite fast-paced with patients coming and going. To be successful, you must be able to multi-task and maintain good organization skills.

Communication Skills
You will need to work with many different people including the pharmacist, patients, and other health care professionals. You must be able to convey information effectively!

Check out the pharmacy diploma programs that are offered through our ground campuses in Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg for more information.