What Can You Do With A Logistics and Supply Chain Diploma?

Careers in Logistics & Supply Chain

Logistics and Supply Chain Management covers a vast variety of roles and specialties and the immense scope of this work provides opportunities in every industry. According to the Careers In Supply Chain website, “Right now more than 27,000 supply chain positions in Canada sit unfilled, and another 66,000 openings are anticipated each year for the next five years.”  But what exactly can you do with a diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management?

Here are just 3 of the hundreds of career paths you can follow in the logistics and supply chain sector:

Transportation Manager
A Transportation manager’s job is to coordinate the shipment of goods in the most time-efficient, cost-efficient manner possible. They often work for large companies and oversee the movement of a lot of people and goods.

Purchasing Agent
A Purchasing Agent fulfills the requirements of their company by seeking out and acquiring materials or equipment to be used by their company or to be used for further processing or manufacturing. They may be tasked with buying forklifts for a warehouse, or cotton to be used in garment manufacturing, for example.

Warehouse Manager
A Warehouse Manager oversees and directs the operations that take place daily within a warehouse. They will often direct and coordinate team leaders within their warehouse to ensure that it operates smoothly and efficiently.

If you’re interested in a role that is vital to the world economy and helps keep the rest of the world moving each and every day, a career in Logistics and Supply Chain may be the right fit for you. And with the vast scope of opportunities within the sector, you’re bound to find a role that excites you!

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