Tips for Succeeding in Your Online Courses at Robertson College

Online education can be a tremendously valuable and convenient way to achieve your educational goals. However, due to the nature of online learning, a degree of motivation is needed to ensure weekly due dates are met.  While learning is self-directed in that you get to decide what study hours work best with your schedule, the courses are not self-paced. Weekly due dates help keep you on track to ensure your success!

Here are some tips to help you succeed in your online courses:

Create a dedicated study space that works for you.

Create a dedicated study space in your home where you can leave your laptop, books and other resources.  Once you have selected your space - make it yours! While it is useful to keep the space free of clutter, a decorated workspace has been shown to increase productivity. From personal pictures to desktop images with inspirational quotes - they can act as reminders when you need the boost.  Avoid using the dining room table or other multi-use spaces if possible.

Dedicate your time to a specific topic or goal

Big tasks can seem overwhelming. Break up your study time into smaller goals to keep your momentum going. By breaking up your studying to a few chapters at a time or 45 minute increments, your studying becomes more manageable.  If you are prone to distractions, take advantage of the hundreds of apps and tools out there that can help you track time or stay focused.

Avoid distractions

Because your educational experience takes place outside the classroom, it is important you are able to study in a place where you can shut the door and work undisturbed.  Be sure to turn off cell phones, emails and chat programs.  Recruit family members to help limit interruptions and stay on task.

Set the time aside

As with anything worthwhile, you need to be able to invest your time towards your online education. To be successful, we recommend you set aside a minimum of 20 hours per week of study time.

Stick to the plan

Don't procrastinate, stay focused on your goals, work hard and stick to the plan!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Student Services Advisor.