Where do Veterinary Office and Technical Assistants Work?

Many people do not know that Veterinary Office and Technical Assistants can work in a variety of workplaces, and not just in vet clinics. Though clinics are the most common, we have detailed for you four settings in which Veterinary Office and Technical Assistants can be employed:

Animal Shelters
Animal shelters need a lot of vet staff to help keep the animals at the shelter healthy. Vets will perform everything from major emergency surgeries to routine vaccinations, helping animals so that they are more likely to be adopted.

Pet Stores
Many pet stores either have animals for sale or will host animals from a shelter that are available to be adopted. Veterinary Office Assistants help keep these animals in their best shape for visitors coming into the store.

Grooming Businesses
A grooming business will often care for pets who are part of a family who love them, and a Veterinary Office Assistant will make sure that the animals are handled and cared for in a compassionate manner.

Vet Hospitals
Vet hospitals and clinics are the most common places for Veterinary Office and Technical Assistants to work, and they serve the widest range of animals including farm animals and wild animals who have been injured.

If you have a lot of compassion for animals and want to help them every day, we can help you take the first steps to pursuing this exciting career. Contact us today for more information.