Cost Benefits of an Online Program

By now, you must be aware of the many benefits of online education. But did you know that there are also cost benefits to choosing an online classroom over a traditional one?

Here are a few ways our students have found cost benefits to taking a program online:

No Daily Commuting

Not having to travel to school everyday means no expenses for fuel, bus tickets or parking! With distance education, you can study wherever you are.

No Additional Childcare Expenses

Since you are not required to be in a classroom, you have more flexibility when it comes to childcare. You will not have to miss important family time to go to class.

Flexibility to Continue Working

With online education, you are free to set your own study schedule. This means that if you choose, you can continue working part-time or even full-time while pursuing your diploma. You will be able to study and work when you are at your peak energy, whether that is early morning or late at night. Since your course materials will be available 24/7 online, you will have more control over how you plan your day.

No Relocation Expenses

For rural students living in an area without post-secondary options close by, distance education allows them to pursue further training and obtain a diploma without having to relocate.

Of course, online education is not for everyone and will depend on your own needs and learning styles. However, if you are interested in pursuing your education outside of the traditional classroom, Robertson College offers a variety of Health Care, Business and IT programs. You will have the support of your Student Services Advisor every step of the way. 

Ready to find out more?  Contact our Admissions team to learn more about our online programs and course delivery.