Qualities of a Travel Counsellor

 Are you considering starting a career as a Travel Counsellor?

Travel Counsellors are in the business of creating unforgettable trips and experiences! In this age of AirBnB and Expedia however, it takes more than a love for travel to be a successful Travel Counsellor.

So, what qualities are required to be a great Travel Counsellor?

Ability to Communicate Your Passion

If you want to get other people excited about their trip, you need to be excited about it yourself! Being able to tell them what is worthwhile to see and do about a destination and conveying passion with your body language and voice will create a better experience for your customers.


From airline tickets, timing flight connections to making arrangements for group tours or keeping track of special needs, there are many details in travel planning. You must need to stay organized and detailed, in order to create a trip worth remembering (for the right reasons, of course).

Personable and Customer Focused

You need to be able to deal with people one on one, over the phone or through email and you need to have a great attitude in all your interactions.


Not only are Travel Counsellors providing a service, they also act in a sales capacity when promoting the different hotels, resorts, excursions, etc.

Research Skills

Obviously, you can't know everything about every destination and tour package available. Instead, you can utilize your research and Internet skills to find out information for your customers.

There are many skills that a Travel Counsellor must possess. Some of them come naturally to certain people but there are technical skills that have to be learned and developed too.  

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the travel industry, the Travel Counsellor program at Robertson College (available in Winnipeg, Calgary and Online) can help you develop the skills you need through valuable instruction. You will also get to put the skills learned during your Travel Counsellor program to use with a practicum at a travel agency setting.