What Jobs Can You Get With An Accounting Specialist Diploma?


You're great with numbers, you pay attention to detail and you've got a knack for accuracy. It sounds like you would make a great Accounting Specialist! An Accounting Specialist diploma can open a lot of doors for you. But what do those doors lead to? Here are 5 jobs you can apply for with an Accounting Specialist diploma:

Payroll & Benefits Administrator
The Payroll & Benefits Administrator is responsible for fulfilling the day-to-day payroll duties. This can include maintaining the payroll email inbox, entering salary exception time sheets, benefits administration,  processing terminations and Record of Employment forms in addition to paying employees accurately and on-time.

Accounts Payable/Receivable Specialist
The primary focus of the Accounts Payable or Receivable Specialist is to oversee and complete all accounts payable or receivable for the company to ensure high levels of efficiency.

Accounting Clerk
The Accounting Clerk provides key administrative and clerical support to the Finance and Accounting Team. Responsibilities can include performing filing for accounts payables, pulling payables for cheque runs, matching cheque stubs to payables, coding of invoices, and file and mail management.

Account Reconciliation Specialist
The primary focus of this position is to maintain accurate accounting for both internal company accounts and external client accounts. This role is also responsible to receive, investigate and reconcile the internal accounts for monthly reporting to the managers.

If a career in the in-demand field of accounting sounds right for you, contact our Student Admissions department and we will help you get started with any information you may need.