Women Wanted: Why You Should Consider A Career In Logistics and Supply Chain Management


There is no question that currently, the logistics and supply chain industry is a male-dominated one. According to Morail Logistics, "Currently, around 65% of graduates going into the logistics field are male. Only 35% of graduates are female. The difference is the greatest of any business field. The number drops to 5% when looking at women in logistics holding top level positions." It is a fact that the industry can only benefit from more female influence, and the reasons for women to enter the field are many.

We've highlighted just a few:

Gender diversity strengthens leadership
According to a 2009 report by McKinsey, the financial performance of a company significantly improves if at least 30% of the higher-level leadership positions are held by women. There is more than enough room for you at the top!

The industry is aging...
...and government ministries will need to tap the currently-underutilized talents of women to fill in the gaps. With only 8% of the workforce being under 30, and 27% over 55, many currently in the industry will soon be considering retirement.

Initiatives are being taken to attract and support women
There is growing support for women in supply chain positions, and the Government of Canada and other Canadian institutions have recently funded initiatives to attract and support women in the industry with groups like Women in Supply Chain and the Women with Drive Initiative.

Growing opportunity
In a 2013 survey conducted regarding the sector,  almost all respondents expressed enthusiasm for hiring female workers, and many felt that 'career opportunities for women in logistics and supply chain are better today than they have ever been,' and the opportunities are only growing.

If you're a woman looking for a career path that needs more female champions, look no further. The Logistics and Supply Chain industry needs more powerhouse women making an impact, big or small. If you are interested in learning more about the Logistsics and Supply Chain program at Robertson College, contact us and we will be happy to help you get started.