What Duties Does a Legal Assistant Perform?

Legal Assistants are a vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to working in any type of Law office environment. They perform critical duties with a high level of detail and accuracy, and the Lawyers and Paralegals they work for rely on them so that they can focus on the bigger picture.  

Some of the duties that Legal Assistants perform are:
  • opening and closing case files
  • preparing casework for court
  • organizing and taking inventory of case files
  • coding affidavits
  • attending court with a lawyer
  • filing and maintaining good filing practices
  • photocopying and book bindery
  • assisting with various administrative duties
  • filling out legal paperwork
  • drawing up drafts of contracts
  • supporting the legal team and adapting to the new challenges they give you
  • representing your lawyer in a professional manner - no phones at work, dress nicely and speak/act professionally
  • keep the confidentiality of all clients and cases 

    If you would like to make a difference in the world of law and justice, the Legal Assistant program could be the perfect fit for you. Many legal assistants are given the opportunity to grow and learn more in their roles so this could be your first step in a great career in the field of Law.

    If you'd like more information on what this program can do for you contact us for more information.