Fuel Your Passion for Travel as a Certified Travel Counsellor

Have you always had a passion for travel - for seeing the world, experiencing new cultures, trying new cuisine and meeting new friends?  If you have always dreamed of seeing more of the world, here are 4 reasons why the Travel Counsellor program might be the perfect fit for you.

Expand your horizons and learn more about the world

In the Travel Counsellor program at Robertson College, you will learn about world destinations and geography and about the customs and cuisines of different cultures which will allow you to craft unforgettable travel experiences for your clients! And the best part? You will likely get some travel inspiration for yourself while you're at it.

Be exposed to many different cultures

Not only will you learn about different cultures, you will likely get to experience it as well in class! Robertson College is a very multi-cultural college with students from all around the world. Enjoy Share your culture and be ready to experiencing others first-hand.

Meet like-minded individuals and be inspired by your instructors

In our Travel Counsellor program, the students are all passionate about travel. Not only will you learn together, you will also have the opportunity to travel together when you go on your Familiarization (FAM) trip to a popular travel destination. In a career college, your instructors are all experience industry professionals who are excited to transfer the secrets of the trade to you! Learn from their experience as you forge your own career in the travel industry.

Did you know?

The Travel Counsellor program at Robertson College Winnipeg is endorsed by the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA) with a four-star endorsement.  Robertson College is the only college in Manitoba with recognition from the ACTA.

What this means for you:

As a graduate of the ACTA-endorsed Travel Counsellor program, you will enjoy:
  • Complimentary ACTA enrollment
  • Reduced examination fees for the Certified Counsellor Knowledge Exam
  • Complimentary Knowledge Exam prep materials
  • Eligibility for an 180-hour reduction in the number of occupational experience hours required for certification


Are you interested in exploring a career in the booming travel industry? The 37-week Travel Counsellor program at our Winnipeg campus is starting soon.