Tips for Students of the Business Administration Program

In your business administration management program, you will learn a lot - from business concepts to project management skills, how to give presentations and even your way around Excel. Make the most of your time in class and think of it as your training ground to bigger and better opportunities ahead.

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your experience in college.

Gain Relevant Work Experience

The Business Administration program in Winnipeg includes a practicum that will allow you to experience working within a real world scenario. In Calgary, Edmonton as well as in our online program, you have the opportunity to apply your knowledge to real-life case studies. You can also look for relevant volunteer experience that will give you more exposure to the work you are interested in doing.

Create a LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn in a professional online networking site that is all about showcasing your professional skills and achievements. Many recruiters turn to LinkedIn when researching job candidates.

Network, Network & Network

Be proactive in connecting with business professionals - for example, keep in touch with your instructors or any speakers that visit your class. You can do this simply by sending them an email or connecting with them on LinkedIn.

Enroll in the Business Administration Program at Robertson College

The Business Administration Management diploma program at Robertson College provides a well-rounded education in all the key areas of business including operations, human resources, accounting and marketing. You will learn about operating in the Canadian business landscape while also learning how to be an effective employee.

Spend Some Time Learning How to Communicate

Think of your time in college as the perfect training ground for your future. In your future workplace, you will be required to work with a diverse group of people. Learning how to speak and write clearly and concisely will be a highly valuable skill.

Best of luck in your program!


Business Administration Management Diploma Program

Edmonton, Calgary & Online
Duration: 43 weeks

Business Administration Diploma Program

Duration: 50 weeks
Practicum: 4 weeks