3 Qualities of a Great Computer Support Technician

Ah, technology! For most of us it’s the way of life and for the rest it’s a mystery. 

While in all its glory, technology is great, the real problem arises when it breaks down. Whether it is providing guidance and solutions over the phone, email or live chat, or remotely fixing our hardware and computer problems, Computer Support Technicians often come to our rescue. 

Employers often look for a certain skill set and qualities when hiring a Computer Support Technician. Here are a few:

·       Patience: When you’re dealing with people with different levels of comfort with technology, this is an important quality to have. A Computer Support Technician is empathetic and patient. They understand that not everybody is a technology whiz. It is up to you to make them feel comfortable and heard.

·       Conversational Skills: Computer Support Technicians spend their entire day talking to people. Good conversational skills can make the conversation engaging and interesting for both parties. It reinforces the idea that you care about your customers and not just doing your job. A happy customer will keep you top of mind for the next time they have problems.

·       Problem Solving: There is no handbook on every problem a Computer Support Technician will encounter in their day. Some problems are more complicated and require quick thinking and problem solving skills. The ability to think on your feet can help you become a successful Computer Support Technician.

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