5 Ways to Relieve Stress

Ensuring a healthy work life balance is key to living a healthy, stress free life. While getting stressed at work or at school during busy periods is natural, there are several ways you can manage your stress levels. We’ve listed a few for you:

Meditate: Taking ten minutes a day to meditate is a great way to relieve stress. Meditation allows for you to center yourself and relax your tensed muscles. There is no one way to meditate but we’ve found one method to be most effective. Sit down in a comfortable position, keep your shoulders relaxed, Think of an object/ person/ place that makes you happy, close your eyes and now focus on the object. Make sure you pay attention to your breathing. Ideally, you should breathe into your entire body but that will take some practice. Do this every day for 10 minutes and you will notice the difference.

Enjoy the Beauty Around You: When you’re busy, it’s easy to miss out on the joys of being alive. Take a moment to be present and notice things around you. Enjoy the cool breeze around you or the trees and flowers around you. Enjoy and be thankful for the beauty you’re often surrounded by but miss because of the hum drum of life. Take the time to appreciate your surroundings and the people that fill them.

Treat Yourself: Take breaks if you’re feeling stressed. Play a game or go for a walk. Go get yourself some ice cream or get a manicure. You could also enjoy a spa day. Taking the time to take care of yourself is important and can make a world of a difference. It can make you happier and help you forget about your problems.

Talk to Someone: With social media on your fingertips, it’s now easier than ever to communicate with your friends or family. When you feel down and like everything is moving against you, talk to someone you trust. Sharing your problems is hard but confiding in someone can you help you feel better and look at the problem objectively. We strongly suggest face-to-face interactions. They work better and offer the benefit of having someone physically present to comfort you.

Take Deep Breaths: This is the oldest and the easiest trick in the book. You can do this at any point in time. Whether it’s when you’re writing an important test or at work, right before you start a project or have to go into an important meeting. It doesn’t take a lot of time to stop what you’re doing, take a few seconds and breathe deeply. It will help calm your nerves and help you look at your task with refreshed eyes. It will also help you focus better.