Top 5 Reasons You Should Consider a Career in Massage Therapy

Have you been mulling over whether Massage Therapy is the right career for you? Have you made your list of pros and cons but can’t decide? Then, here are top 5 reasons why you should consider a career in Massage Therapy.

You want to help others: If you’ve always wanted to work in a career where you could help your people, then massage therapy is for you. A career as a Massage Therapist will ensure you leave your clients feeling healthier and stronger after each appointment.

You want a career: You don’t just want a job; you want to be able to build a career. There is a lot of room to grow as a massage therapist. As long as you’re well-liked and have the skills you need, you’re sure to climb up the corporate ladder. Remember, you decide where you want to go and how you want to get there.

You enjoy a flexible schedule: Most Massage Therapists don’t work a 9-5 job. They work different schedules and can often decide when they want to start or end their work day. So whether you’re an early riser or more of an afternoon person, there’s always going to be hours you can work.

You would like options: Not all Massage Therapists work in massage clinics and spas. Massage Therapists can work in physiotherapy, chiropractic and sports injury clinics, as well as fitness and wellness centres.

You value experience: If hands-on-experience is important to you, the Massage Therapy Program at Robertson College is for you. With our student massage clinic and access to expert training and evidence-informed education, you are sure to get the experience you need to be a successful Massage Therapist.

Bonus reason! Job security: With an increasing number of people needing massage therapy to lead a healthy life, you're sure to find employment no matter where you go.

If this sounds like something you’d love to do, contact us today! We have just the course for you. Plus with the hands-on-experience our course offers, our students are guaranteed experience and exposure required to succeed in the profession of Massage Therapy.