Business Buzzwords That Are Best Forgotten

Have you ever head a word or phrase one too many times because they were fashionable a while ago? Maybe you walked into a room and it felt like everyone was speaking in terms only they could understand?

Then, you may have stumbled upon the land of lost buzzwords. While it's easy to give in and use trendy phrases for an extended, often unnecessary, period of time, most of us know that they have a shelf life much like viral videos (cue 'ain't nobody got time for that').

Business, much like any other industry, has buzzwords that have lost their glory. So if you're considering a career in Business, here are some words and phrases that are best avoided:


Definition: Teamwork; the interaction of two or more elements or individuals that add more value to the product or service than a single element or individual.

Synergy has been so overused in the business community that it no longer holds the same value or delivers the same message. It is now appropriately used as filler words.

Possible Alternatives: Working together, sharing information, collaborating, teamwork

Think outside the box:

Definition: Refers to Creative thinking or problem solving in an unconventional fashion.

Many businesses stress on having employees that think outside the box when the important thing to do when addressing a business problem is to think, inside or outside the box. Quick thinking and a solution to the problem are all that’s needed.

Possible Alternatives: Resourceful thinking , be creative, problem solving, thinking differently.

Finding Efficiencies:

Definition: A situation where a company is downsizing and the remaining employees must absorb tasks of those let go.

While the term itself adds softness to the situation, the reality is that more employees are being asked to take on additional tasks, adding to their workload and resulting in overtime. Most people appreciate honesty, give it to them.

Possible Alternatives: Maximizing current talent pool, downsizing,  cost efficient improvement to processes, working within the current environment.

Cutting Edge:

Definition: New, Innovative, latest or most advanced development.

Most businesses that use this term are far from it. It’s a clich├ęd term that has been used one too many times in the business community. If you truly believe your business is innovative, find other creative ways to prove it. Cutting Edge just doesn't cut it anymore!

Possible Alternatives: Innovative, leading, streamlined, progressive.

If you've been considering a career in business, but don't know where to start or which program to take, call us today. We can help you get the skills you need, minus the jargon, to get you on your way to a new career and your dream job!