Important Information Regarding your T2202A

What is a T2202A receipt? 

A T2202A,  issued by qualified education institutions, is an official income tax receipt you can use to claim tuition, education and textbook tax credits. Eligibility to claim these credits is self- determined and solely dependant on your current circumstances. 

Where Can I find My T2202A? 

Your T2202A tax information for 2017 is now available for download. 

Here's how you can download your T2202A: 

1. Visit the download page
2. Enter your personal email address
3. Press 'Submit'
4. Log into your email account
5 .You will see your T2202A tax form waiting in your inbox

My T2202A information doesn't match the amount I paid as tuition fees. Why? 

Since the tuition paid is prorated over the length of the program, as outlined in your contract, the T2202A reflects the prorated amount per year, not the actual amount paid. However, if the amount paid is less than the prorated amount, the lesser amount is recorded on the T2202A slip.

What if I have questions about my T2202A receipt? 

If you have questions, concerns or need assistance understanding your T2202A, please email us at