Myths About Elder Care

It is a well known fact that our population is aging. According to Statistics Canada, 25% of the population in 2036 will be over the age of 65. As more people age, they will require care and medical assistance administered by health care professionals.

That means there will be more jobs in the Health Care industry, and more resources will be allotted to care for our seniors. As our workforce gears up for this change, it important that we debunk some common myths about elder care.

Elder Care is Boring: While elder care is not typically suited for Type A personalities with a 'go go go!' attitude, it doesn't mean that it is not a demanding job. People, in this case your senior clients, don't stop living their life just because they need medical attention. Seniors need an active lifestyle too. In fact, some would argue that they may need it more than the younger population. Many of your clients will continue to live their active lifestyle through fitness memberships and recreational sports. It is your job to ensure their schedule remains intact.

Caregivers are Chosen by Clients: Families are very involved when it comes to caring for a loved one. So the decision of bringing in a caregiver largely depends on the client as well as their family's feelings towards a Health Care professional. You will also find yourself being assessed by the client's health care specialists and friends. So, it's always advised that you put your best foot forward!

Health Care Professionals Don't Care: There's definitely no denying that reports of elder abuse are horrifying, however, they are rare. Most Healthcare providers eventually become close friends of the family. Private Companies and Health Authorities are very through with their background checks and do not hire individuals that aren't qualified to do the job. Moreover, employees often go through compassion and sensitivity training during their academic as well as professional journey.

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