Get Ahead in Accounting, Payroll and Administrative Roles

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According to Randstad, there are currently 1.8 million office and administrative professionals working in Canada - and that number keeps growing. The latest census shows that there was an increase of 4,270 new administrative jobs in the sector, which is a sure sign that office staff are needed now more than ever.

Here is a list of Resources for Accounting Payroll Administrators and Administrative Professionals (that will help you feel like a pro!):

Podcasts, Tutorials and Additional Resources

Podcasts are easy and informative to listen to and tutorials are great tools for visual learners. Give some of these a try:


Not only does reading help you relax, it also sharpens the mind. Some great Canadian reads to help get you started include:


Most major accounting firms and companies have blogs that will help you learn quick tips and tricks, and inspire your next career move. In addition to the Robertson Reader, here are some great accounting blogs:


Network, network, network, and then network some more. Get your name out there and see if groups similar to the ones listed below are right for you:

Accounting Payroll Administrators and Administrative Professionals alike need to stay on top of industry trends. Being tech savvy gives you an advantage, and knowing Trends in the Administrative Field gives you an edge. But, being knowledgeable about the accounting sector as a whole can make or break you when seeking employment.

If these links peak your interest, a career as an Accounting and Payroll Administrator or Administrative Professional might be right for you. Programs are starting soon, contact us for more information.

Source: Randstad "Best Office and Admin Jobs in 2018"